Women's Mental Health Shelter

Our Women's Mental Health Shelter at the Park Avenue Armory provides a temporary home to mentally ill women over the age of 45 who are all in need of permanent housing. We have two overarching goals at the Shelter: (a) to rapidly rehouse mentally ill homeless women into permanent housing; and (b) to provide a short-term, safe and supportive environment to address immediate needs for mentally ill homeless women.

With a great degree of success, we provide social services and housing placement services for all of our clients as well as emergency transitional housing services such as meals, medical and psychiatric care, assistance with applying for government benefits and recreational programming. 

Among the 80 women living in the shelter at any one time, many have long histories of homelessness and suffer from chronic psychiatric and age-related illnesses. 

Through innovative efforts and utilization of widely practiced social work methods, we comprehensively assist clients by considering their holistic needs. This is accomplished through structured social work interventions, case management planning and housing placement by our dedicated and experienced staff which includes social workers, peer advocates, housing specialists, program aides, a nurse, a psychiatrist and our Director.

To find out more about our Women's Mental Health Shelter, contact Amy Berg, Director, at 212-218-0514 or aberg@lenoxhill.org.